Brand Video Production

Brand Video Production

$ 8,000.00 USD
$ 10,550.00 USD

For centuries, visual storytelling has been an intrinsic part of human nature. Across generations, we have passed on myths, legends, and narratives. Today, the Trendy Grandad team, a proficient video production company, is here to assist in telling unique unique stories. Using the highest quality camera, audio & lighting equipment, we are experts in creating striking visuals, compelling animation, emotive cinematography and masterfully crafted narratives that harmonise with engaging music. We're Trendy Grandad, experts in producing results driven video for brands.

4-6 weeks
Brand Video & Social Edits
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What is a brand video?

A brand video is a promotional visual content piece created through the process of brand video production. It encompasses strategic branding, script formation, cinematography and message articulation. Our video production services are tailored to effectively communicate and showcase the identity, values, and unique selling points of a brand. Typically ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes in duration, brand videos aim to engage and resonate with the target audience, conveying the essence of the brand in a compelling and memorable way through precise messaging.

Why should your company should invest in a branded video?

"Sure, your videos look great, but where is the return on investment?" If we had a pound for every time brands asked us this question, we wouldn't need to worry about carrying on with our video production and strategy services. (Only kidding...)

Increase brand perception

Marketing managers and business owners should be no stranger to brand awareness and brand perception. And they should also be far too familiar with how difficult these things are to build. Whilst these things are pain in the bum to measure, we do know that factually, brand videos can help build perception and awareness far more efficiently than other traditional marketing methods as video has the power to evoke emotion, trust and a whole lotta other things that make consumers purchase from businesses. Not all heroes wear capes.

Build customer loyalty

Similar to shaping brand perception, customer loyalty is a product of dedicated effort and exceptional service. As a video production company, our mission is to ensure that your businesses messaging is presented in the most compelling manner, making it difficult for your customers to seek alternatives. Videos have the unique ability to strike a chord with audiences on an emotional level, leaving a lasting impact that will win their loyalty for years to come.

Attract more employee talent

Recruiting top-tier talent these days can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, right? And to add to the struggle, employees now want more than just a pay-check, they want a team that feels like family and and a mission that puts fire in their belly. But don't just leave it to a boring careers page to tell them, show them! Think about it: A well-crafted video, displaying the perfect blend of script, animation and music, can do what a thousand words can't. It can capture the vibe of your office, the camaraderie of your team and the passion that fuels your business. It's like giving potential recruits a trailer into their future workplace, and that's pretty darn powerful.

Stuart & Stokely from Trendy Grandad editing Aviva's brand video

Why use Trendy Grandad for your branded videos?

Creating brand videos is practically in our DNA. We're not just video producers; we're your partners in storytelling & cinematography. Our mission is to collaborate closely with you to bring every facet of your business & marketing strategy to the forefront. We're all about crafting the perfect narrative that truly connects with your target audience and believe in creating brand videos that are as unique as your business. No templates – just fresh, engaging, and original content that you can be proud of. Building engaging videos for brands is what we do best.

View our latest brand video project for Aviva here

Our process for Branded video?

Get Creative

We'll put our thinking caps on and come up with dynamic and unique ideas for your video, articulating the vision that your brand has. Once we've got an idea that you love, one that aligns with your brand films' objectives and marketing strategy, we then go away and figure out all of the in-depth details, like when and where we'll shoot, who's going to be in it, the visuals and a detailed script process. Every brands dream right?

Lights, Camera, Action

Now, here's where the fun begins, the visuals boom and the storytelling commences. We usually plant ourselves at your place, getting to know your team, your brands strategy and making sure everyone's comfortable with the camera. This is essential because people are the key ingredient in creating that relatable message with the film. We ensure we've got every shot in the bag, capturing all aspects of your brand's story tailored to your needs, before heading back to work our editing magic.

Some Post-Production Magic

This is where we really work our editing magic, generate you results and create you some insane visuals. We take your films footage and give it the pro editing & animation treatment, making sure it looks top-notch and is all set for wherever you want to share it. We use a super easy-to-use review platform to make the post-production process painless for everyone involved. After we've made any tweaks and you're thrilled with the final video, we'll send over a download link, and you can get ready to share your video to the world. Music to your ears right?


We don't just hand you a shiny new video and leave you hanging. We're here to help you figure out the best way to share it. We'll chat about where your audience hangs out and when's the right time to post it. Whether it's YouTube, your website, social media, or even a big event, we'll make sure your video gets the attention it deserves just as we do for our clients brand films.

Contact Trendy Grandad Video Production for your brand video production needs.

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully we've covered everything you possibly would want to know about video production, photography & paid social media. But if we haven't, you might just need to look below in our frequently asked questions that cover from storyboarding to editing to pricing for delivering professional video content.

How much does Video Production Cost?

Video production can cost anywhere from £5000 to £100,000, it has a lot of varying factors.

If you don't know how much you want to spend our best advice is to take some time looking through references or some of our films, this should help us give you a better idea of the budget you need to meet your expectations.

Secondly, if you have a budget, tell us! That way we can work a creative idea into your budget and meet your expectations.

How can I track return on investment if I invest in video production?

We hold many years experience adopting various methods of tracking metrics to help give our clients ROI figures whilst delivering the message through our films. Examples of how we do this lie in the form of trackable links, emails, interactive video and pairing creative with various forms of paid campaigns. We pride ourselves on being data driven.

What are the stages of video production?

Video production involves several stages, each crucial to creating a compelling and effective visual story. The production process typically consists of three main stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Our clients at Trendy Grandad going through a comprehensive signing off process through every stage of the production & all stages are produced by us in-house.

How long does video production take?

When the time comes we have over a decade of experience moving quickly producing premium video ads however it doesn't always have to be fast moving.

Allowing a project to breathe & to gain valuable feedback can massively improve a productions quality, if the time allows.