Explainer video production

Explainer video production

$ 9,000.00 USD

We're Trendy Grandad, a film & animation explainer video production company based in London. Promotional explainer videos don't have to be yawn-inducing! Leave the mundane at the door and captivate your audience like never before with our creative explainer video production service.

4-6 Weeks
Full Production
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What is explainer video production?

Explainer video production is the marketing process of creating short, engaging & informative videos designed to explain a concept, product, service, or idea in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

These 'films' or 'explainers', are the perfect solution for turning the complex into the captivating.  No matter how 'complex' or 'niche' your business products or services may be, the scripting, branding and narration should be engaging and straightforward for your audience to easily understand.

You might just need a single video, or maybe even a series of multiple videos to dive deep into an informative topic. Whatever your requirements, you should try to truly grasp your subject matter and break it down into digestible chunks so you won't leave your audience traumatised.

Oh, by the way, our company make explainer videos for brands, check out our latest video for Renapur below:

What is an animated explainer video?

An animated explainer video is a type of explainer video that uses animation, often in the form of 2D or 3D graphics, to visually illustrate and explain a concept, product, portfolio or company service. Instead of using live-action footage, animated explainer videos leverage animated characters, sound, text, images, and other visual effects to convey information in a dynamic and engaging way. These videos are characterised by their creative use of animation to simplify complex ideas, capture attention, and enhance viewer comprehension. Are you ready to boost your video marketing to the next level?

How much does a professional explainer video cost?

The pricing of an informative explainer video varies based on factors such as length, animation complexity, editing customisation, script and voiceover quality, revision rounds, deadline constraints, licensing, and production team expertise. Simple videos may start at a few hundred dollars, while more complex productions can range from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars; it always depends on the final delivery! For an accurate pricing, discuss your specific needs with an explainer video production company. (wink wink!)

Learn more about video production company pricing here

Why should your business invest in professional explainer video production?

Boost engagement
Explainer videos simplify complex concepts and messages, making it easier for your audience to understand what your business offers. An engaging promotional explainer videos will help capture and hold viewer attention for a long duration, enhancing both engagement and information retention.

Helps increase conversion rates
Investing in quality explainer videos & visuals gives you the power to influence purchasing decisions. When your potential customers grasp your product or service quickly and effectively through professional storytelling, scripting and music calibrated for your branding, they are much more likely to take action, such as making a purchase or contacting your business.

Improve SEO and website traffic
Now, word has it that search engines like Google favours websites featuring video content. So, having high-quality explainer videos on your website, that are of a significant duration, can give your search engine rankings a significant boost, putting you miles ahead of the competition. But there's more...users tend to spend more time on websites with engaging video content because it's easier to understand. This not only helps reduce bounce rates but also enhances your site's overall SEO performance. Before you know it, the leads will be pouring in. Video marketing for the win!

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Our process for explainer videos creation

Set out goals, script narration, storyboard and plan of action
We'll begin by having a chat to understand the goals of your explainer video/s. We'll be asking questions like "What's the core message you aim to deliver?" "What specific actions do you want your viewers to take?" and "Who's your intended target audience?" This way, we can craft your explainer video delivery & duration to absolute perfection, tailored precisely to your needs. Next, we move on the pre-production this involved; writing a creative script, storyboard, choosing a voiceover, branding integration, deciding on a creative concept & mapping out your art direction and narration of your film.

Shoot and post-production
Depending on your chosen video style, we'll get to work creating and putting everything together. Whether it's animation or live-action motion filming, we'll ensure a seamless flow with perfectly synchronised audio and music to captivate your target audience from start to finish, ensuring an engaging experience throughout. Next up, we jump into the voiceover booth and start putting together your visuals, graphics & branding for your video edit.

You're all set to go live
We use a super easy feedback platform for you and your team to add in any feedback or revisions to the visuals. Once all amends have been made, we have completed your editing and your explainer video is finished to perfection, we'll deliver your final edit for you to download and share to the world! Whether you're planning on sharing the video on your website, social media or on a big screen, we'll make sure that you have all the correct aspect ratios to ensure your visuals looks great every time.

Stokely & Stuart from Trendy Grandad video production working on the Aviva EV Digital video campaign

Why use our team for your explainer video production needs?

Our team hold over a decade of experience producing film and animated explainer videos for some of the UK's most well known brands; Aviva, Barclaycard, Smurfit Kappa are some of the largest businesses in our teams portfolio. We are a fully equipped in house team, from pre-production, storyboard, logistics, animation, drone filming, editing & voiceover recording we have most of the production process covered, ultimately keeping costs lower for you & your brand.

We're all about knowing what tickles your audience's fancy, and we bring a ton of expertise, professionalism, and creativity to the table. When you're thinking about utilising explainer videos to help demonstrate and explain your business or business offerings, you want to make sure you're in good hands. That's where we come in. As a video production company, we take care of the whole shebang, from brainstorming ideas, editing, integrated graphics & intricate animation to the final polished product. Plus, we're all about tailoring your video to hit the sweet spot with your audience. Our mission as a video production agency is to whip up content that resonates with your audience, so you can get your message across in an engaging, easy-to-digest way. Video marketing, a strong narration & insane motion graphics is in our blood!

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Explainer video production FAQ's

Interested in delving deeper into our Explainer video content service? Explore some of our frequently asked questions below, or if you'd rather, drop us a message via our contact page, and we'll gladly have a chat about your needs and how we can help.

Why do I need an explainer video and how do I know it's right for me?
Explainer videos are an effective way of turning the complex into the understandable.  If you've got a difficult or niche topic that needs simplifying in an engaging way, then you just might want to consider an explainer video.

I don't want my promotional video to be boring, how will Trendy Grandad combat this?
This is a common concern for people that believe they work in a "dull" or "uninteresting" industry, and can't possibly imagine how it could be made engaging. Well rest assured, with over a decade of experience and innovation, we've mastered thinking of crazy ideas to help combat this, and boy do we love a challenge. So no matter how "dull" you think your industry or project is, bring it on.

Is animation better for a promotional explainer video?
Again, the choice depends on the specific business and topic being explained. In certain scenarios, animation could be the preferred choice, especially for businesses or topics that are virtual or challenging to capture in motion on camera. However, many people may be surprised by how much can be effectively conveyed through real-life footage, making it the more engaging option in some cases.

How much would an explainer video cost?
Explainer videos will start from £5000, but the exact amount will vary based on a number of factors such as the concept, location, actors and animation. We work with a variety of projects, brands & budgets.

Do you offer other video production services?

Yes of course, please see our services here

View our testimonials here & our portfolio here

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully we've covered everything you possibly would want to know about video production, photography & paid social media. But if we haven't, you might just need to look below in our frequently asked questions that cover from storyboarding to editing to pricing for delivering professional video content.

How much does Video Production Cost?

Video production can cost anywhere from £5000 to £100,000, it has a lot of varying factors.

If you don't know how much you want to spend our best advice is to take some time looking through references or some of our films, this should help us give you a better idea of the budget you need to meet your expectations.

Secondly, if you have a budget, tell us! That way we can work a creative idea into your budget and meet your expectations.

How can I track return on investment if I invest in video production?

We hold many years experience adopting various methods of tracking metrics to help give our clients ROI figures whilst delivering the message through our films. Examples of how we do this lie in the form of trackable links, emails, interactive video and pairing creative with various forms of paid campaigns. We pride ourselves on being data driven.

What are the stages of video production?

Video production involves several stages, each crucial to creating a compelling and effective visual story. The production process typically consists of three main stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Our clients at Trendy Grandad going through a comprehensive signing off process through every stage of the production & all stages are produced by us in-house.

How long does video production take?

When the time comes we have over a decade of experience moving quickly producing premium video ads however it doesn't always have to be fast moving.

Allowing a project to breathe & to gain valuable feedback can massively improve a productions quality, if the time allows.