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The Problem

Renapur LTD had decided the time was right to push ahead with their evolution from 30 years of product demonstration at hundreds of shows across the country, to a new digital presence. To do this they had wanted strong video that brought the product demonstration to life in a modern way, whilst still holding the feel of a business that had been so successful for many years.

The Solution

Trendy Grandad offered fresh, modern views, whilst continually referring back to our consumer base and ensuring the modern take on our products still felt like Renapur. Ensuring the project was constantly focused on the key messages and a style that would be suited to the desired platforms Trendy Grandad’s offering felt simpler and more suited to supporting Renapur through this process.

The Results

Since utilising the videos on both listings and advertising Renapur has seen significant success with large jumps in product ranking and record sales in the UK, with YOY sales growth of over 100% in the Renapur portfolio of products.

The US since utlising video has seen a growth of over 160% and we will comfortably be beating expectations and targets for our US launch with projected sales of over $250,000.

Individual video campaign performances have also started strong, whilst in the testing phase we have seen average ROAS of between 4/8 – 1. This is comfortably above initial targets and is expected to improve as campaigns are optimised.

“The success of the videos says more than I could say in a quote. In the ultra-busy digital landscape, it is hard to stand out, Trendy Grandad offered us a way to do that. The team here would happily recommend Trendy Grandad to other businesses, except when we need them to do our next videos!”