The story of our agency

From humble beginnings and one trendy grandad (yes, there is a real life trendy grandad) Best friends and co-founders Stokely and Adam set off with a vision to help ecommerce brands generate more money using the power of highly converting video creative & paid advertising, genius right?

And so TRENDY  GRANDAD was born

We're on a jouRNEy to transform the way ecommerce brands use video & PAID ADVERTISING.

Through hard graft and countless late nights, the results began to speak for themselves. Our brands were not only seeing insane ad metrics but also a massive increase in their bottom line.

As our reputation continued to grow, more brands took notice of our work, prompting us to take the next step and expand our team, making us a team of 6 grandads (Disclaimer: none of which are actual Grandads).

When it comes to highly converting video creative, we soon found out that our work was returning much more than client's initial investment. So, we put our heads together and noticed a gap in the market for data driven video production companies that work to generate real business results, not just views.

So, what did we do, you ask?

Well, while killer video production and high-end content creation are where it all begins, we wanted to crank it up a notch, put our money where our mouth is, and now we offer many creative solutions & paid advertising services.

Our team

Expecting a group of grandads? Sorry to disappoint. We're a mix of idea generators, colour grading wizards and money making perfectionists, and it works, very well.


Since the birth of agency our goal was to deliver highly converting video production and create a high return on investment for our brands.

Satisfied clients

Satisfied Clients

In the last decade we have had the pleasure of working with some incredible brands with over 85% coming back.

Video Projects

Video Projects Completed

It's fair to say we've produced quite a few videos now, for many ecommerce brands, all over the world.

years experience

Years of experience

From short form storytelling performance creative to creator led brand videos our ecommerce experience combined spans across a world of creative.

Years of experience

Pounds Generated

Our goal is to create more money for our clients than they pay us and that's exactly what we have done & we still do.

The core values that drive everything that we do


Quality reigns supreme in our world.
Why, you ask? Because it's the magic ingredient that ensures we keep a high level of professionalism with everything that we do, hooks viewers' attention, builds unshakable client trust, and fuels business growth for our amazing clients.


Creativity isn't just a box to tick; it's the foundation of what we do.
It's what ignites our innovation, powers our storytelling, makes our visual pop, and turns our video ads into memorable masterpieces that not only grab the attention of viewers, but also help our client's achieve their goals, no matter what.


Whether we are telling a company story, showcasing a range of products, or trying to attract the best talent in the industry, one truth stands tall: collaboration is our cornerstone.
It's what transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary, infusing every project with innovation, energy, and excellence.
Safe to say it has a firm spot in our core values.


Innovation holds a crucial role for us, as it fuels the exploration of fresh methods, technologies, and imaginative approaches both within our agency and for our clients.
We get pretty excited by the constant evolution in our industry as it enables us stay ahead, deliver thumb-stopping content, and meet the changing demands of clients and audiences...
it doesn't get much better than that.

Our clients

We're proud to work with some pretty trendy ecommerce brands to deliver some pretty trendy work & some insane results... if we do say so ourselves.

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