Stokely Howard

Stokely Howard

Creative Director

About Stokely Howard

At 18 years of age, Stokely started his career in the television industry working as a runner at ITV. He worked his way up the ladder in 3 years to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a television producer.

From that point Stokely discovered that he enjoyed working for himself so he bought a camera & started filming videos in exchange for beer in Manchester nightclubs whilst concurrently producing commercials for large corporate brands such as Virgin Media & Pizza Express during the day.

1 year later Stokely wanted to pursue his dream of starting his own creative agency. So he packed up his bags & moved to his hometown of Norwich. At this time, Adam, his childhood friend, was 1 year out of university and was also working himself to help brands & businesses market themselves.

They discovered that together they both had the creative & marketing skills to help businesses even more than they were doing already, Trendy Grandad was born!

Stokely now heads up creative, sales and marketing at Trendy Grandad whilst pursuing his passion for helping young businesses owners, young inspiring entrepreneurs & young creatives across the UK.

In addition he also founded Gen-E, a networking event that aims to connect young entrepreneurs & professionals in Norfolk.

Lastly, Stokely also spends his time public speaking teaching businesses about video marketing & content creation.