Video Editing Services

Video Editing Services

$ 9,000.00 USD

We're Trendy Grandad, a video editing editing company based in London and Norwich. Need promotional video editing on tap? We've got you. Our range of professional post-production services give you flexibility when it comes to getting regular quality video. So you never have to fear your next insta post or video clips again. We hold over a decade of experienced editing, animation, color grading, sound design, visual effects & motion graphics.

2-4 weeks
Video Editing
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What is a video editing service?

A video editing service involves professionally manipulating and arranging video footage to create a polished final product. It includes tasks like cutting, sequencing, adding transitions, applying effects, animation, graphics, colour grading, audio integration, and text/graphics inclusion by an experienced video post-production company. This service is crucial in post-production for filmmaking, television production, animation and other video content creation, enhancing visual and auditory elements for a cohesive, professional and engaging result.

How much does professional video editing services cost?

The pricing of video editing services can vary widely depending on several factors. These include the complexity and length of the footage, the level of expertise required, the specific editing tasks involved, and the turnaround timeline.

For basic video editing services, such as simple cuts of clips and adding music, you might find more affordable options, especially if the footage is relatively straightforward. However, if your project requires advanced editing techniques, special effects, cinematic storytelling editing, intricate audio adjustments, visual effects, animation or a faster turnaround, the pricing is likely to increase. At Trendy Grandad we edit our projects on the latest editing software to ensure our clients receive the best quality creative output possible & our client satisfaction is always 5 stars!

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Stuart from Trendy Grandad working on project for Swiss Tourism.

Perhaps a video editing subscription could work for you?

But first, what is this? Well, it's an arrangement where clients pays a recurring fee to a professional video post-production company in exchange for a predetermined amount of video production services on an ongoing basis. This subscription model is designed to provide businesses with a consistent and cost-effective solution for their video content needs.

The benefits to this are:

Save time
One of perhaps the more obvious reasons as to why a video editing subscription is a good idea for your business is that it's the ultimate time and energy saver. From brainstorming ideas to execution, getting regular video production, clips and animation is pretty time-thirsty. But by outsourcing this task to experts (as in us) through an on-going subscription, your in-house team can focus on other core business activities. It's an efficient way to free up valuable time and resources. Look at us as your new shiny piece of creative software!

It takes years to learn how to perfect sound design, motion graphics & visual effect. We have put in those hours over the last decade which means we can save you tonnes of time & produce a piece of creative that really helps you stand out as a brand.

Consistent quality
Consistency is something that we all set out to do, but in reality it's not as easy at it first seemed. But with our video editing subscription, no more worrying about those awkward content gaps. Blog posts? Check. Social media gems? You got it. Stunning visual effects? Absolutely. Beautiful storytelling, we got you! And the best part? It's all done at a consistently high-quality that will leave your competitors wondering how you do it. Client satisfaction 100!

Content with a strategy
We're all guilty of posting something last minute on the business social media account because, well, we needed to post something. But unfortunately as many of us will know, any successful and robust marketing strategy requires all activity and content to be well thought out and planned in advance... which means no more last minute frantic social media posting, sorry. So leave the brainwork & storytelling to us and sleep well knowing your content alines perfectly with your business and marketing strategy. It's more important that ever to create content for the native platforms. We edit for a variety of platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Linkedin, TV advertisements, digital display boards & Instagram.

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How can Trendy Grandad help you with video editing services?

When you work with the Trendy Grandad team, you can kiss goodbye to your content induced headaches because you know that you've got you covered. We work closely with your existing team to make sure you get the delivery of content you need, whether it's thought leadership videos, social media videos, attention-grabbing, cinematic or crazy transitions ,our approach ensures that your content isn't just timely but also strategically sound.

Stokely & Stuart from Trendy Grandad working on the Aviva EV Digital promotional campaign edit.

Our video editing service process

Set out goals, strategy and timeline
We like to think with over a decade of knowledge that we're pretty experienced with many types of project under our belt, so firstly we'll always kick things off by sitting down and diving into your business goals and strategy (and if needed, we'll help you clarify them) - collaboration is our goal here. This step is absolutely crucial in our process because it sets us up for crafting storytelling content that seamlessly integrates into your brands wider marketing strategy. What's the point in having crazy transitions, branded motion graphics & super advanced editing if we don't know your end goal? Next up, collaboration. This is very important to us as you know your brand far better than we do, this is why we see the foundation stages of our relationship as very collaborative, to ensure you get the best results, in the best timeline.

Before we go into the edit, it's also important for us to know your marketing strategy around your video, video has many different purpose, our goal is to create you an engaging piece of video that is built & designed for your strategy. Even seen a TikTok video on Youtube? Exactly.

The Edit
Now let's dive into the creative zone. We'll roll up our sleeves, start the planning and organising, and get creating some seriously awesome content. From audio, music, graphics, storytelling to crazy transitions we can handle all projects! Our video editing team are proficient & hold over a decade of experience on all editing software including Adobe Premier Pro, DaVinci Resolve & Adobe After Effects. Our home is our post-production studio, which is state of the art and can handle a variety of production sizes & many editing techniques; sound design, motion graphics, color grading, animation - we're experienced and we've got you! Rest assured, we'll keep you in the loop if we ever need a hand from your side. Whether it's collaborating further on the concepts and ideas or asking your opinion on our incredibly good music taste, we'll make sure the timeline, delivery, revisions & collaboration flows smoothly and effortlessly. Our client satisfaction is our number one goal with all our projects.

Content delivery, revisions, catch up and repeat

Once all the filming, editing, animation, color grading, fine-tuning and your project is complete, you'll receive an exciting email with your polished, quality & professional monthly content, all set for you to post and share as your heart desires. After you've received your delivery and everyone's content and satisfied, we'll arrange another chat to talk about any strategy updates, revisions, fresh business developments & to see how we can progress our collaboration further. This way, we can gear up to craft the next month's content, tailored just for you. Our team use the latest editing software to ensure our clients get the best production quality possible.

Contact us to find out more about our professional video editing services.

You've made it to our frequently-asked questions section. Hopefully, everything you could possibly want to know about our content creation retainers is below, but if it's not, then give us a shout via our contact page for a good old-fashioned conversation

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, our content creation retainers start on an initial 6 month contract, but after that you're free to leave at anytime, we just ask that you give us a one month heads up.

Do you offer a content creation retainer trial?

Yes we do! Before the initial 6 months contact, you can get a 1 months trail where you can see if it's for you or not. But in all honesty, it's pretty hard not to love.

Do I get a discount for being on the monthly retainer?

Yes! By signing up to our content creation retainer, you're unlocking a lovely 30% discount, it's a financial no brainer.

How many videos do I get a month?

This depends on the strategy for the month. In our monthly ideas meeting, we will discuss what content is required that month and the scale of the content will give us a good idea of what we can and can't do that month.

Do I get dedicated video editors?

The benefit of working with Trendy Grandad is that you do receive a few dedicated video editors to your project, however because we're a small team you get the added benefit of other creative ideas, more hands on deck when you have tight deadlines & your project keeps moving if our video editors our ill. Client satisfaction is our number one goal, so we've refined our processes to be the best it can be.

How much is a content creation retainer?

Is it just video or photography as well - its both depending on requirements

Is animation, sound design & color grading included in my content creation retainer?

Of course! Animation can be included in your retainer, but it will depend on the monthly requirements and other content needs as to when and how much animation we can produce each month.

What platforms do you edit for?

We edit for a variety of platforms such as; Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Linkedin, TV advertisements, digital display boards & Instagram.

How far can you travel for my content?

We travel all over the country to get the very best shots, meaning we're ready to venture to any location in the UK to meet your needs.

Why do I need a retainer?

Hopefully we've covered this question well enough on this webpage, but if you're still umming and ahing, a content retainer will give you peace of mind that your business will be getting fresh and frequent content for you to use across all your channels.

Want to know more about how much we charge? Read our 3 minute blog here

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully we've covered everything you possibly would want to know about video production, photography & paid social media. But if we haven't, you might just need to look below in our frequently asked questions that cover from storyboarding to editing to pricing for delivering professional video content.

How much does Video Production Cost?

Video production can cost anywhere from £5000 to £100,000, it has a lot of varying factors.

If you don't know how much you want to spend our best advice is to take some time looking through references or some of our films, this should help us give you a better idea of the budget you need to meet your expectations.

Secondly, if you have a budget, tell us! That way we can work a creative idea into your budget and meet your expectations.

How can I track return on investment if I invest in video production?

We hold many years experience adopting various methods of tracking metrics to help give our clients ROI figures whilst delivering the message through our films. Examples of how we do this lie in the form of trackable links, emails, interactive video and pairing creative with various forms of paid campaigns. We pride ourselves on being data driven.

What are the stages of video production?

Video production involves several stages, each crucial to creating a compelling and effective visual story. The production process typically consists of three main stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Our clients at Trendy Grandad going through a comprehensive signing off process through every stage of the production & all stages are produced by us in-house.

How long does video production take?

When the time comes we have over a decade of experience moving quickly producing premium video ads however it doesn't always have to be fast moving.

Allowing a project to breathe & to gain valuable feedback can massively improve a productions quality, if the time allows.