Youtube Video Production

Youtube Video Production

$ 9,000.00 USD

Looking to start a youtube channel or level up an existing one? We can plan, create and produce your youtube videos that will be getting those clicks and views in no time. Trendy Grandad hold over a decade of experience creating engaging videos for Youtubers across the country - ready to level up?

2-4 Weeks
Youtube Video Production
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But first, what is Youtube video production?

YouTube video production is the process of creating and optimising videos for the YouTube platform. It involves planning content, scripting, filming, lighting, animation, editing, and optimising for YouTube's algorithms. Key elements include consistent branding, engagement strategies, and SEO considerations. Whether created by individuals or production teams, the goal is to produce engaging video content that resonates with the audience and aligns with YouTube's guidelines.

Here is an example of a Youtube video we produced for AFTV x Joel & Son's fabrics:

So, why should you invest in professional quality Youtube video production?

Audience Engagement
High-quality videos are more engaging and keep viewers hooked until the final frame. When your content looks and sounds professional, it conveys a sense of credibility and trustworthiness. This engagement can lead to longer watch times, increased interaction (likes, comments, shares), and ultimately, a growing and loyal subscriber base. A highly engaging video is todays true test of the ability of a filmmaker.

Competitive Edge
YouTube is a competitive platform, and quality visual content is key when it comes to setting your channel apart from the crowd & it's promotion. With millions of videos uploaded every day, having an experienced filmmaker create well-produced video content, eye catching graphics & insane cinematography helps your videos stand out in search results and suggested video feeds. It can also attract collaborations and partnerships with other creators, filmmakers, or brands seeking quality visual video content for advertising and marketing.

Monetisation Opportunities
If you're looking to monetise your YouTube channel, quality professional videos are an absolute must & that includes using the highest quality camera & post production equipment. Advertisers and sponsors are more likely to partner with channels that maintain high production standards and have a dedicated engaged audience on Youtube and on social media. Additionally, quality video content may open up other revenue streams, such as merchandise sales, affiliate marketing, or crowdfunding. Who wouldn't like a bit of extra cash?

How much does Youtube video production cost?

The cost of YouTube video production varies based on many factors like:

  • Video length
  • Storytelling complexity
  • Production style
  • Cinematography level
  • Script complexity
  • Animation complexity
  • Video editing
  • Graphics
  • Visual Effects
  • Lighting & camera requirements
  • Location (Expensive location, expensive shoot!)
  • Equipment needed
  • Special effects needed
  • The experience of the video production company & their team.

Prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds per video. For an accurate quote, discuss your specific needs with a video production team or feel free to contact us

Stuart & Stokely from Trendy Grandad working on an edit for Aviva using DaVinci Resolve.

Have you thought about an Youtube editing subscription?

As we all know, Youtubers don't just post one video, they post very frequently. We often work with with Youtubers on a regular basis to produce regular high quality & storytelling videos. There are many benefits to working with a Youtube production team on subscription, such as:

  • Regular creative input
  • Faster turnaround of work
  • More affordable
  • You save a lot of time!

We manage the production, filming, post production, distribution and the metric tracking for our clients. So, if you think a regular subscription is what you're looking for, contact us

Our process for Youtube Video Production & Editing

Planning and strategy

We'll sit down and have a chat about your YouTube channel in our creative meeting, your goals for your YouTube content you are wanting to share. This will place us in good sted to put some exciting creative ideas together for your channel. As part of this pre-production process we can help you with the script, storyboard, storytelling & branding of you videos!

Lights, Camera, Action, Animation!
Now time for the fun bit. We'll get straight to work filming your YouTube video content. Whether it's a single video, a visual storytelling video or a series of videos, we're here for all the action, making sure we won't miss a second. Cinematography & creative is our blood, we love to get involved in a storytelling and professional productions, from cameras to lighting, we hold over a decade of experience doing it all!

Some Post-Production Magic
We take that footage and give it some post-production love, making sure it's all set to go live. We take control of the full post-production; script, editing, sound design, custom 2d & 3d animation, effects, graphics, thumbnail creation, video titles, uploading and marketing. Of course, you are the youtube expert so collaboration is most welcome at this stage, you would be more than welcome to be involved as much as you like.

We use a super easy-to-use professional review platform to make the post-production process painless for everyone involved. After we've made any tweaks and you're thrilled with the final video, we'll send over a download link, and you can get ready to share your video to the world, or alternatively, let us know when to upload it to your channel. Next up, advertising!

Marketing, Advertising & Social Media

We are a results driven video production company. What does that mean exactly? It means we care about the numbers and your return on investment. Yes the script , lighting and storytelling is important but the promotion and marketing of your Youtube channel and videos is just as important as the creative, after all if no one sees your videos then what's the point in making them?

So, how do we do this? Before setting off creating your videos we will write down goals & work out a plan of action on how we can achieve your advertising metrics across social media and all other forms of marketing. Marketing is in our blood & that's what makes us different to another video production company.

Behind the scenes filming a Youtube video with AFTV

Why should you use our company for your Youtube Video Production?

By entrusting the team here at Trendy Grandad with your YouTube video production needs, you're not just getting a 'solo filmmaker' produced and editing your videos, you're gaining professional partners in your YouTube journey.

Our company holds over a decade of experience in this industry and we will be working and collaborating closely with you, to ensure we are creating the content that truly resonates with your audience and helps you achieve your YouTube goals and aspirations. Your success is our companies mission, and we're here to make it happen, one video at a time!

Contact us to find out more!

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully we've covered everything you possibly would want to know about video production, photography & paid social media. But if we haven't, you might just need to look below in our frequently asked questions that cover from storyboarding to editing to pricing for delivering professional video content.

How much does Video Production Cost?

Video production can cost anywhere from £5000 to £100,000, it has a lot of varying factors.

If you don't know how much you want to spend our best advice is to take some time looking through references or some of our films, this should help us give you a better idea of the budget you need to meet your expectations.

Secondly, if you have a budget, tell us! That way we can work a creative idea into your budget and meet your expectations.

How can I track return on investment if I invest in video production?

We hold many years experience adopting various methods of tracking metrics to help give our clients ROI figures whilst delivering the message through our films. Examples of how we do this lie in the form of trackable links, emails, interactive video and pairing creative with various forms of paid campaigns. We pride ourselves on being data driven.

What are the stages of video production?

Video production involves several stages, each crucial to creating a compelling and effective visual story. The production process typically consists of three main stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Our clients at Trendy Grandad going through a comprehensive signing off process through every stage of the production & all stages are produced by us in-house.

How long does video production take?

When the time comes we have over a decade of experience moving quickly producing premium video ads however it doesn't always have to be fast moving.

Allowing a project to breathe & to gain valuable feedback can massively improve a productions quality, if the time allows.