Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy

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Producing performance creative that moves the needle is hard. Every brand thinks they want video, but they actually want results. Video is a powerful tool to get them there, if they know how. Rocketing revenue & results for ecommerce brands by creating them higher converting performance creative & paid ads is what we have specialised in for the last decade. We can confidently say if that's what you're looking for, you are in safe hands.

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A creative strategy
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What is Creative Strategy?

Why do I need a strategy before creating videos & images?

Video without a strategy is completely pointless. It's like set off sail without knowing which direction you're heading, you will get lost & you won't reach your desired goal. The lack of a creative strategy is the main reason why brands lose faith in creative, why they think video is a waste of money & why they never see results.

So, what does the process look like?

There are 5 steps you need to complete in order to drive high growth & revenue through your performance creatives, if any of these steps are missing you won't succeed.

Step 1: Brand

We see tonnes of brands jump into creative without having a deep understanding of what their brand is, who they are trying to speak to & how they should be speaking to their customers.

During this part of the process we will dive into your brand ensuring your positioning, purpose, mission, vision & values align to your performance creative goals.We will ensure that we outline the pain points of your customers & the tangible and emotional benefits of your offering.

Next, we will take a look at how you want to express your brand & speak to your audience. Going forward all of your creative assets are accountable to this.

We increased Renapurs Revenue by 160%

Step 2: Customer Evidence

50% of your brand is what your customers think of you, it's not all what you think of yourself. So, now that you truly know who you are it’s time to get to know your audience intimately and really figure out what’s going to convert them.

We need to know the media they consume, their lifestyle choices, emotions, influencers and role models, community, pain points, habits, how they consume media, financial situation & so much more.

We’ll summarise this data by finding it in reviews, online forums, website analytics, research, purchase data & other data touch points. Now that we’ve collated this data together we will start building out persona templates to fully understand and map out the different customer sections that buy your products.

Step 3: Creative Ideation

Creative ideation is one of the biggest headaches for our clients. The idea needs to tell your story and message which we’ve identified in the previous two stages so it’s in the best position to convert new customers. All of your ideas need to be accountable to step 1 & 2, if not your ads won't convert.

We increased RocksOff conversion rate by 5.3%

Step 4: Paid Media

Now it's time to turn on the media buying tap. There was an era where performance didn't need good creative, however in 2024 this is not the case. 50% of your targeting is your creative, you need to understand how to use your creative to convert your customers, if you don't you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Tip: Your creative should be made natively & authentically for the platform you're spending your media budget on.

Step 5: Testing & Iterations

You should never create just one video. You need to create a suite of creative assets native for each platform & that varies in USPs, pain points, hooks & CTAs. Having full transparency over ad sets in mega important to ensure you can react to the live data & change your creative to suit.

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Frequently asked questions

Hopefully we've covered everything you possibly would want to know about video production, photography & paid social media. But if we haven't, you might just need to look below in our frequently asked questions that cover from storyboarding to editing to pricing for delivering professional video content.

How much does Video Production Cost?

Video production can cost anywhere from £5000 to £100,000, it has a lot of varying factors.

If you don't know how much you want to spend our best advice is to take some time looking through references or some of our films, this should help us give you a better idea of the budget you need to meet your expectations.

Secondly, if you have a budget, tell us! That way we can work a creative idea into your budget and meet your expectations.

How can I track return on investment if I invest in video production?

We hold many years experience adopting various methods of tracking metrics to help give our clients ROI figures whilst delivering the message through our films. Examples of how we do this lie in the form of trackable links, emails, interactive video and pairing creative with various forms of paid campaigns. We pride ourselves on being data driven.

What are the stages of video production?

Video production involves several stages, each crucial to creating a compelling and effective visual story. The production process typically consists of three main stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Our clients at Trendy Grandad going through a comprehensive signing off process through every stage of the production & all stages are produced by us in-house.

How long does video production take?

When the time comes we have over a decade of experience moving quickly producing premium video ads however it doesn't always have to be fast moving.

Allowing a project to breathe & to gain valuable feedback can massively improve a productions quality, if the time allows.